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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 20, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> high and low tonight. what started as a mellow marijuana celebration in san francisco today ended tonight in big fights and a big mess. >> good evening. >> amma has the night off. 7 news reporter leslie live tonight at golden gate park with the latest on the story. >> that's right dan i'm here at the police station. officer have been coming and going the whole place is abuzz as they respond to slew of calls elated to the 4-20 event. that is code to get high at 4:20 on 4 code to get high at 4:20 on 4:20. random fight erupted along haight street where police estimate 1200 party people hung out monday night.
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10,000 came to share inside golden gate park to get high together. >> just enjoying being able to get high with group of people and not get in trouble for it. >> but there was some trouble exploratorium police say they made 5 arrest at the venue. one for assault with deadly weapon for hitting someone on the head with a bolts. 2 more for outstanding warrants. 2 for intoxication. >> 1 issue this year was the boat ep situation of some of thoughts edible. >> really strochblingt it's not for a light weight. >> paramedic said they answered calls from people who ate marijuana laced food and became dizzy or passed out. >> another problem was all the garbage left behind. >> rude of people really cool thing to be able and they love
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it and it's cool. >> getting high. getting trashed 4-20, 2015. golden gate park i'm leslie abc 7 news gate park i'm leslie abc 7 news. >> party not in golden gate park. here's santa cruz today. we were over the large crowd that produce add large cloud. if you wonder why 4:20 the numbers tied to the bay area. group of students at san rafael high school used the term as code for smoking weed from there just took off. >> new at 11:00. san jose police chief literally leaped that action when a murder suspect trade to escape from the santa clara county jail t.police say hector florez was handcuffed in a holding cell when somehow he escaped through the door. at he was running across the parking lot chief larry was driving into work and ordered him to stochlt when he didn't he was tackled to the ground. you can see the shirt ripped at his elbow and shoulder. another photo shows
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the chief elbow bloody in the scuffle. he's currently held without bail. but the chief made sure he was caught. >> jewelry store employee in napa suffered a cardiac arrest today during violent robbery. happened at the napa valley jeweler on first street and up to center out door mall. one hit employee repeatedly with a tool. that employee went into cardiac arrest and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police arrested 17-year-old on several charges including attempted murder. other robber is still on the loose. >> if san jose tonight what appears to be a wolf in sheep clothing. breast accused of embezzling money from his own church. if he's under federal grand jury indictment for bank fraud tax evasion charges. janet is live in san jose with a story. janet? >> he made an initial appearance in federal court this morning but before his
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trouble with the law he was long time leader here at the catholic center but authorities say he was stealing from church members for years. indictment unsealed today alleges he asked the church for donation and put the money into his personal account from 2005 to 2008. >> he sometimes like a very good priest to me. yes. unbelievable. >>reporter: winn has been with the diocese since 1994 holding various role including director at the catholic center where he's accused of embezzling the money. that's not all. federal authorities say he vaid federal authorities say he vaided taxes for several years under reporting income by 1.1 million dollars. >> if bishop sent thus statement saying at the request of the irs we have had minimal direct communication with monsignor. it's on a permanent leave of absence which he requested. >> die says he stepped away
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from the church in december of 2013. some church goers tell us last they heard he was on sabbatical in loem. even with the serious charges against him not everyone is casting judgment or blame on man they looked up. >> if one person do it wrong you can not lose your faith. you keep praying for him for that person. >> winn now faces 14 counts of bank fraud and 4 counts for tax evasion. he will be in court tomorrow in san jose janet abc 7 news. >> tonight person of interest in custody after car stole we know a boy sleeping inside. 7 news was in fairfield always 8-year-old rock guzman was reunited with his very relieved family. thief took the car from the driveway. police issued amber alert. somebody spotted the car 3 hours later less than 2 miles away. boy was curled up in the back seat. had slept through most of this. the person of interest was taken into custody on unrelated charges but you can
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imagine the relief for his parents. man accused of trying kidnap 3 different girls on the way to high school is also suspected of trying to kidnap a fourth girl. 20-year-old cal state east bay student the patella face charges of attempted kidnapping. hayward police say it happened in february and march. officers say he tried to pull the girl that the car but they all fought back and thank goodness they escaped. >> moving far so good for the golden state warrior. winning game 2 of the my off series against new orleans. and oracle arena lived up to the billing. fans raising the decibel level and excitement tonight. cornell is live in oakland tonight. kind of got close there for awhile. >> tight game for sure dan. especially early on when the pelican took the lead but not for long. warriors came back to win game 2 97-87. another
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play off win for the warriors and fans went wild. >> send them back wherever they are from. >> fans independence oracle lucky now score a ticket to game 2 were just thrilled to be here. >> smells a victory notch doubt at all. >> we take it all the way. the champion. >> word can't explain it. if you want greatest show on earth this is it. >> fans may be even louder tonight after pel cap coach williams set the crowd inside oracle was too loud. illegal decibel. >> we win and get louder. so coach whatever his name is sorry. >> definitely asking for trouble now. >> even louder for sure. complain about.
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>> the loud as possible. that's what it's about. >> next stop game 3 in new orleans. go were yours in oakland cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> go warriors. they are heading to new orleans for game 3 and 4 in the series. 7 news sports reporter mike there too. game 3 is thursday and game 4 is saturday. we have shoe live report here on abc 7 later this week. follow us on this site for insider perspective. then show us the warrior pride by sending us your fan photo. post to facebook instagram or twitter with the hash-tag the dove on 7. we'll feature them open the air and reminder we will have the fba finals right here on 7 live coverage begins on june fourth. >> the bay area man at the center of national security incident. next on 7 news. we investigate the man who scaled the white house fence local
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connections and his criminal past. >> plus. new security measures at local airport that has scene breach after breach. how officials plan to protect passengers and planes. and is yoed a older than we thochlt librarian found the beloved "star wars"character. >> i'm 7 news. over cast sky right now we look at wiper weather in the morning. i'll
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scaling the fence at the white house. 54-year-old hunt was released from jail today after being charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry. this is an older picture of him from a prior arrest in 2009. hunt ordered to stay away from the white house. to wear a gps bracelet and undergo mental health evaluation. here's dan
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with exclusive new information. >>reporter: gee roam hunt climbed fence on become side of white house and landed on the south lawn where the president helicopter often takes off. he was carrying a red tote bag police later determined posed no threat. white house spokesman said today this is the first fence jumper of the year. >> what the secret service and others are engaging in an effort to try to strengthen the security posture at the white house or make sure the security posture at the white house reflects the security threat that exist. >>reporter: court documents show hunt was born in danville, show hunt was born in danville illinois and lived in the midwest most of his life. he told investigators he came to the bay area 3 years ago and currently homeless but receives mail at first united methodist church in hayward. the pastor has not returned my calls. hay word police chief tells vic lee the secret service has not called their office about the incident and officers have had no contact with hunt.
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>> a lot of people come and go. this is a very active area. heart of the basement major freeway in northern california comes through here so yv any details about him specifically or what his contact have been with our organization. >>reporter: before coming to the bay area data bay searcher show hunt lived in peoria and several convex. 2009 criminal trespass. 12 month probation. 2008 domestic battery 6 days in jail. 12 month prosecute big. 1997 dui one year probation. his most serious condition comes from mccomb, illinois. 1984 assault with intent to commit first degree sexual abuse and burglary hunt received sentence of 22 years in prison. >> hunt also gave the address of a church in sacramento to investigators. the record also show he was arrested for domestic battery rape forgery and other charges but there is no indication he was convicted in those cases. for the i-team in those cases. for the i-team, this is abc 7 news. >> meap!happy >> meap time san jose
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international airport go to new heights literally in an effort to improve security. airport raising the height of portion of the air field fence from 6 to continue feet. airport hopes to secure federal funds to increase the entire fence this summer. it's also working with non-profit group to come up with other security measures up with other security measures. >> testing infrared. motion detection. looking at way for us to increase our videocamera surveillance. the effort comes after number of security pwrechs there with latest 3 weak ago when officials found a 20-year-old woman inside the fence line where she did not belong. >> we are just hours away now from a big superbowl 50 announcement. big game is at levi stadium in santa clarinex february. superbowl 50. host committee for superbowl 50 will rae veal the plans for the fan village tomorrow morning at 11 village tomorrow morning at 11:30. find out the official name and location in san francisco. artist republic dering of the village and whole
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lot more about it in terms of the specifics. 7 news will extreme the announcement live on our web site. we'll also have complete coverage tomorrow afternoon beginning on abc 7 nuts at 4 then 5 and 6 right on through the day. >> and tonight san francisco silently cheer on the warriors who won game 2 of the play off series against the pel cap. top of the embarcadero building lit up in blue and gold to support the doves. very nice. lightning struck the nation capitol tonight. look video. you can see the night sky lit up by this lightning. springtime in the south east also a volatile time of year in terms of weather no. government buildings were hit but there were some strikes reported nearby. a little closer to home the sierra saw some thunderstorms today. sandhya is here with more on that and also off great look at how the weather trans pird around bait area. >> i show you some of what we call the blow off from the thunderstorms clouds in the
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snachltd from mountain tam camp look at the top part of the screen. you can see the stuff coming in from the sierra nevada. it was obviously just cloud cover and down below you look at our typical marine layer that kept sows cool today layer that kept sows cool today. let's check out live doppler 7hd right now and also see some of those clouds from the sierra nevada so once the thunderstorms collapsed the clouds just rolled in our direction. down below we are dealing with the gray sky tonight. tomorrow morning that's what you wake up to. temperatures right now in the 50's across the entire bay area and here's a live picture from our exploratorium camera as dan mention blue and gold for the warriors. it's gray though out there looking at the financial district. cloudy morning with some patchy drizzle we look at afternoon sun inland tomorrow with below normal temperature most of this work week. here's why you see cooler than average continuing. one area of low pressure keep mat arena layer deep today. another one drop down and replace this one that will move into southern
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california so we keep it on the cooler side of spring for this time of year. today high mostly in the 50's. 60's. get well inland to get up into the 70's. over nature tonight you see the sentence i have gray sky. going that the morning some spotty drizzle sought morning commute you may need the windshield wiper keep that in mind. allow more time for the commute. staying cool for the afternoon with the cloud lingering and then inland you see some sunny break in the sierra nevada once again we are tracking some of those thunderstorms that will fire up in the afternoon hours and continue possibly into the evening hours. tomorrow morning temperatures on the cool side upper from is to low 50's. watch out for some damp spot due to the drizzle and afternoon inland high below normal below normal around most of the coast and bay as well. look at the high pressure. 70 in livermore. 72 antioch. 69 san jose. 64 oakland vallejo. 68 napa upper 60's around santa rosa. 59 in san francisco with the cloud cover 58 in half moon
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bay. we will notice the cloud lingering like i said well into the afternoon. you have to look at sort of the bright spied 0-- side of the cooler than afternoon conditions. fire danger low because of this fire danger low because of this. 7 day forecast another low pressure system will put us in a drizzle morning on wednesday and then in the afternoon we should see more sun so the temperatures come autopsy few. the only go back down a couple of degrees thursday and friday. and then by the weekend dan a little more sun. temperatures warm back up near 80 inland on sunday. low 60's at the coast. and then we just hold you close to that on monday. >> bring on the drilz. >> we need it
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>> british couple resparked beanie baby craze after uncovering one of the rarest version. put limited edition baby for 15 dollars at flea
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market on e basement couple saw listed for 90,000 dollars by one person. no offer yet but the couple hopeful faint can help them buy a home. they listed theirs at 30,000 dollars listed theirs at 30,000 dollars. >> thinks pretty cool. luck as credit classic sci-fi movie for helping produce "star wars"but how about a 14th century manuscript. uncovered the image showing a character who hooks remarkably like the ancient jedi yoda doesn't he. it was illustrated alongside a french book about the story of sampson. history who found it wish wishes time traveler drawn the figure but it's a great coincidence. >> interesting. >> we know that. >> yoda has been around. maybe the play off series already happened. maybe we know the out come. >> curry didn't score in the fourth quarter tonight v. no fear. clay is here. he erupt
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walk. the warriors had a struggle tonight in game 2 of the play off series with the pelicans. dan and i often perform the routine on weekends perform the routine on weekends. flash brother big everywhere. clay thompson. curry wide open. new orleans control the first quarter gordon 4-3's. pelican up 4. davis just a monster. throwing it down. pelican led by 9 after 1 stepped off 13. second quarter the brazil blur gives the warriors a jolt off the bench. had 10 points at the half. shake and bake right there. warriors shot 76 percent in the second quarter alone. curry right there and were yours actually led at half time somehow 55-52 with the pel cap won't die. davis independent for 26 and 10 but scoreless in the fourth. welcome to the thompson show with authority. quiet nye for andre but make some noise here
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on the happen and very loud. clay scored friend of the 26 in the fourth quarter. scoreless. were yours go on to win 97-87 and take a series lead. with game 3 thursday in new orleans. >> we have got to get better with our decision-making. we always sort of walk the line. this team between explosive and careless. we know we manufacture the ball tonight we have good shots and we have good flow that was really the second quantity that got us on the right track the. >> pressure off weekend of bean ball and hot temper in cans city. a opposite open a series in anaheim last september 8 swept in 4 games in anaheim. torpedo the season. 1st inning torpedo the season. 1st inning. up nothing on a sac. fly. take the lead. to center fly. take the lead. to center. the the steven vote he turns on one right there off matt 3 run drive. 's up 4-two
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there it goes. solo blast. go on to win 6-3. the shark and coach the todd parting way. the winningest coach in franchise history but the team fell short of the my thawvs year. there is angst in the locker room. question about his leadership and direction and he didn't want to be any part of. that one year left on the deal. hot commodity off season nount employed for long. and really sad news tonight. frainers hall of famer bob saint clare has passed away. saint clare was giant offensive tackle 6-9. quite a personality known for eating raw meat. play back in the 50's and 60's. 11 year career fell ill recently. bob saint clare was 84. if you ever met him never forget him. >> completely
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